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Lunchbox Surprise!

With four kids to organise each morning, it was a wonder my mum had the time to make us all lunch every day, let alone feed us breakfast, make sure we were dressed and groomed, had our homework/sports gear/library books packed, and get us all in the van and off to school on time. As if that wasn’t enough to pack into her morning, sometimes she would write the sweetest little notes and hide them in our lunchboxes, so we’d get a lovely surprise when we grabbed our snacks at recess. Just little messages like ‘Have a great day at school’ or a simple ‘I love you!’ would really make our day.

So why not make your kid’s day with a little surprise note in their lunchbox too?

I’ve created some printable lunchbox notes you can download for free (see link below).

All you have to do is cut them out and pop them in your child’s lunchbox for a special lunchtime surprise! Some notes have blank spaces so you can write your own message or a little ‘love from Mum (or Dad)’ at the end.

Download your free printable lunchbox notes here

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