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Hot Chocolate Mix

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There is nothing better on a cold winter’s night than to snuggle up under a quilt with a lovely mug of hot chocolate before bed time! It is super easy to make your own Hot Chocolate Mix. The mix includes mini chocolate chips, that when melted give the drink an extra chocolaty flavour. It is sure to become a favourite with your family this winter.

Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix, teamed with a colourful mug, makes a wonderful gift for a friend or neighbour. The mix is easy to make – and would be a fun project to do with your children. (They will enjoy measuring out the chocolate chips and marshmallows).  As it is a project that doesn’t involve using the oven, it would be a great project for children to work on independently with minimal supervision. They would also enjoy designing and making their own gift tag to place with the Hot Chocolate Mix.  The Mix will make enough for 4-6 gift mugs, depending upon the size of the mugs.


2 cups of skim milk powder

¾ cup caster sugar

½ cup cocoa

½ cup milk chocolate chips (or a combination of milk, white, and/or dark)

1/8 teaspoon salt

½ teaspoon cinnamon (optional)

Marshmallows (optional)


Mix all the ingredients together into a bowl.

If you are giving the Hot Chocolate Mix as a gift, place some of the mix into a cellophane bag, and tie with a ribbon.  Place the bagged mix into a mug and fill the remainder of the mug with marshmallows. Make a gift tag and be sure to include the directions- “Mix 3-4 tablespoons of the Hot Chocolate Mix into a mug of boiling water, and stir well.” Wrap the filled gift mug with cellophane.

Supplies you’ll need:

1. Mugs (4-6)

Try Miji for these Bodum Pavina double walled clear glass cups.

2. Cellophane bags

Get the size and quantity you’re after from Pack It In

3. Sheets of cellophane

4. Plain gift tags 

Get these vibrant red ones for $4.95 (free postage) from Lush & Poppy

5. Ribbon

Only $2.70 for 3 yrds from Ribbon and Bow Studio.


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