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Monster Pet Rocks

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Much to many a child’s chagrin, not every house has room for that much desired pet dog, pony, rabbit or cat. But there’s always room for a pet rock or two – especially of the monster variety. Trust me, they make grrrrrreat pets! They never need feeding, you don’t have to clean up after them and you never have to worry about finding a kennel for them when you go on holidays!

This is a cool craft activity to get both boys and girls involved in. After all, who doesn’t enjoy mucking around with paints and drawing scary faces? It’s also fun getting the kids to do a rock hunt in the great outdoors before hand, carefully finding and selecting the perfect rock. Get them to give their rocks a good wash, and once they have dried you’ll be ready to turn the rocks into a mini work of art.

Materials required:

Acrylic paints in assorted colours (if you have red, yellow and blue paints then you can mix them up to make all sorts of colours)
Paint brushes in various sizes
Small plastic containers to mix paint colour up in
Rocks of various sizes, washed and dried
Joggle Eyes
Art and craft glue, if using non-stick joggle eyes

1 – Cover your working area with newspaper, so you don’t leave any paint marks on the furniture. Assemble your paints, and begin to mix up the colours.

2 – Paint one side of your rock using a medium sized brush, and allow to dry. Paint a second coat if needed to give your rock a really deep colour. Let dry again.

3 – Once the first side is fully dried, turn the rock over and paint the other side, allowing to fully dry when finished.

4 – Decorate your rock using the joggle eyes and some black paint on a smaller brush to make a funny or scary face.

You can buy joggle eyes, brushes and paints from eBay store Educational Supplies.


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