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Creating A School Memory Folder

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In a year of schooling, your child will grow, learn, achieve and succeed in more than ways than you can count. With all of this change comes a whole lot of paper! Work sheets, drawings, paintings, handmade cards, certificates, report cards, school photos- the list is endless.  So, how do you store these important records of milestones and memories? In a “School Memory Folder” of course.

There are many commercial brands of “School Memory Folder’s” but I have found them bulky and expensive and it is very easy to create one yourself.

If you have already established a folder for school papers, than, you are more than half way there.  If you are starting from scratch you will need;

▪                An A4 Ring Binder (I like the 4 ring binders as they will hold everything securely

▪                Plastic Pockets

▪                Subject dividers with clear insertable tabs. (Extra Wide)

▪                Clear Plastic Pocket with Velcro closure

▪                Label maker (Optional)

▪                Scrapbooking/Craft Paper – to make a nice cover and spine.

Grab all that school “stuff” and sort into some categories.  We used;

  • Reports
  • Certificates
  • Maths
  • English
  • History
  • Science
  • Artwork
  • Sport
  • Special Days
  • Notes

Use the subject dividers to section the folder into the chosen categories.

Place the plastic pockets behind each divider.

Fill!!!  Yes it really is that simple.

Add a large Clear Plastic Envelope with Velcro Enclosure at the front of the folder to store bulkier items such as medals, ribbons, CD’s.

Create a colourful cover and spine for your folder and there you have it a folder full of school memories and moments!

For those super organized mum’s that have already had a school folder all year long, you are ahead of the game.  Simply sort through the folder at the end of the school year, throwing out any items no longer needed such as notes, canteen menus and permission forms. Add some new categories simply by labeling over the top of the old ones.

We create one folder per child per year.  If I ever need to refer back to school records or we just want to reminisce, we can simply grab our organized folder and ponder over a year full of growth, change and memories.



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