Pool Party Checklist

Leisl Shanley | Posted on 08 November 2013 |

There’s nothing like having fun in the sun by the pool, so why not get the kids and their friends together to enjoy a pool party?
If you don’t have a pool of your own, you can often book a party at the local swimming pool or even go old school cool with a blow up pool in the backyard. So if the heat of summer is getting you down, and you need to cool off, use our handy checklist to put together the pool party of the season!

From simple tennis ball catch to super soakers, there are heaps of fun things to keep the kids occupied for hours, no matter how old they are! Provide a range of water toys in a laundry basket by the side of the pool, and let the fun begin!


For those who prefer to chillax than dodge tennis balls, floatation toys are a brilliant way to be in the pool without expending any energy! We could totally see ourselves relaxing on this floating pool hammock with a cool drink in hand!


Keep it healthy and hydrating with a fruit platter full of ripe juicy fruits such as strawberries, watermelon slices and oranges. Provide lots of iced drinks, such as bubbly mineral water with lemon slices, to ensure that thirst is quenched without a big sugar hit.


Nobody wants to go home lobster red, so make sure that adequate shade is provided near the pool, for those who want to relax outside of the water. Outdoor umbrellas are idea for this purpose, and will surely get lots of use as the summer heats up.

So there are our essentials for a fantastic pool party. Don’t forget the golden rules of being sun smart: slip, slop, slap and always play it safe around water, making sure children around water are supervised at all times.

Shopping List

Tennis Ball

Super Soaker

Water Toys

Inflatable Pool Toys

Pool Hammock

Outdoor Umbrella

Kid’s Swimwear

Kid’s Hooded Beach Towel

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