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Image Source: https://pixabay.com/en/chic-glamour-girl-woman-fashion-1338999/

A music festival is the perfect occasion to unveil your inner bohemian. You can be sure that every music-loving trendsetter will be there so you have to look your best. To help you pack, we have compiled five clothing must-haves for this season.

Embroidered Bell-Sleeve Top

Bell-sleeve tops are back with a bang. Whether they are cropped, off the shoulder, or wrap around, they warrant a place in your wardrobe. But for the boho chic vibe, get one in white or black or a pastel colour with embroidered patterns and borders. Tassels at the end of the bell sleeves are a nice touch. Because of the details and sleeve-length, it is best to opt for short bottoms such as a short denim skirt or cut off shorts. Ankle boots would pair nicely with this look.


Bohemian Dress

If you want to show some skin without being too scantily clad, a bohemian dress is a much better option. There are plenty of styles and prints available to choose from, but as long as you get one that shows some skin coupled with feminine accents like a pom-pom drawstring belt or tiny cut-outs, you are set to go. If you want to rock a maxi dress with a loosely fitted silhouette that flows down to your ankle, make sure that it has one or more slits.


Printed Halter Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are not restricted to just red carpet or evening events. This one-piece essential is also great for the festival vibe. Look for one with prints like paisley or patchwork details coupled with a halter neckline. The legs should also be flowy, and preferably with slits. To stay comfortable, make sure that the fit is neither too tight nor too loose, with the waist cinched perfectly to show off your figure. Finish the look with sandals with silver or gold accents, depending on the colour of the jumpsuit.


Lace Romper

If you love lace, then a lace romper is right up your alley. Stick to white shades like soft ivory with an intricate lacy material for subtle sexiness. With white shorts underneath, the long sheer overlay down to the ankles will show just enough of skin. If like your romper short, then go for cut out lace. For an ethereal and flowing style, try getting the romper with airy lace sleeves and a V-neckline. As this look is ultra-feminine, you can pair it with leather booties if you like.


Embroidered Denim Shorts

For those hot summers, you will most likely be reaching out for your regular cut off shorts. But since embroidered denim anything are also back, why not get a pair of embroidered denim shorts. With vivid embroidered flowers and butterflies, it is perfect to be worn over a plain white, nude or black bodysuit. You can also wear it with a knit crop top. Bear in mind that the embroideries on the shorts are the star of the show, so make sure that whatever you wear it with, keep the other pieces plain and simple.

These five pieces are sure to complete your clothing essentials for that weekend, but you can also steal the look at home.