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There are many articles and photo collections online to show the naïve shopper that online shopping isn’t as great as we think it is. There are so many horror stories of young girls looking online for the perfect prom dress, finding it, ordering it and then when it arrives, and finding out how different it is from what it was in the photos. There are definitely some items that can be bought online while others should never be attempted.

What You Wear

There are a few reliable places online but in most cases, the descriptions and pictures don’t match the real product. So don’t bother. This is especially true of special dresses, suits and coats etc. Shoes are also risky but if you know the proprietor or you know someone who has already ordered from the same website and they are satisfied with the service then maybe you can give it a try. The only kind of clothes you should order are for very small children, especially if its linked to a physical baby clothes stores Geelong where you can easily  go pick them up if necessary.

What You Read and Write With

Surprisingly, books make it through unscathed when bought online. There are some services that do not even charge for delivery and it will ship all over the world so books are a definite yes when it comes to internet shopping. Books are often much cheaper online than in physical stores and you may be able to get all kinds of discounts and deals if you pay by card. Be wary of buying books off of every and any site however. It is an easy scam.

Stationary is also a good deal on the internet. There are beautifully designed note pads, stamps and seals, ink pads, pens and markers and many more items. If you go through pens or pencils quickly, it might be a good idea to buy stationary in stock and keep it in your home.

What You Eat

Never, ever, order fresh groceries, fruits or vegetables online. For one thing, they could get crushed during delivery and handling. For another, how do you know that the service will deliver the freshest ingredients to you in the first place? Many supermarkets now have this feature to make ‘grocery shopping’ less hectic; people can simply use an online form to fill in how much of each thing they need and then it is delivered to their day. However, this would only work if all the parties involved were being honest about their dealings, and it is customary for someone at the bottom of the food chain to steal from those higher up.