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Whether you’re shopping for Christmas presents or trying to find the best possible birthday surprise for your child, it can be tricky to find the right gift. A toy that one kid would be thrilled with could bore another. If your child has a creative spirit and loves to use their imagination, there are plenty of gifts out there that they’ll get months, or even years, of joy from. Choose one of these toys if you want to nurture your child’s creative talents.

Building blocks: Classic stackable blocks have been a favourite of kids all around the world for many years now, and for good reason. They give your child an opportunity to design buildings, create miniature towns and cities, and use their imagination for hours on end. They also help your child to develop strong hand-eye coordination. Check out lego shop australia for plenty of fun sets to choose from.

Hideaway tents: Toddler tents are miniature pop-up tents that can easily be set up in your child’s room or garden, and then folded away quickly to be tucked into the cupboard. These tents are great for imaginative and creative kids, as they give them their own little space to retreat into. Set up a colouring station inside your child’s tent, or organise their favourite teddies inside so they can spend hours playing in their special tent.

Baking sets: Creative minds can have just as much fun in the kitchen as they do in the playroom. Help your child to channel their creativity into an educational cooking activity by buying them their own little baking set, complete with an apron, rolling pin, and shapes to cut cookies with. Let them do the cake decorating so they can make their own little works of art to eat.

Knitting kits: This is a great gift idea for artistic boys or girls who are interested in designing and making their own clothes, or knitting little outfits for their favourite toys and dolls. You can buy knitting and crafting kits with small, safe needles and wool, as well as beginner’s instructions that will make it easy for your little one to learn the basics of knitting. It’s a gift that could last a lifetime.

Musical instruments: Music is a great outlet for creative kids, so why not get your child their own instrument for their birthday this year? A recorder or keyboard make great starter instruments, while lessons with a local teacher will ensure that they pick up the skill easily.

Watercolour paint sets: Most children love to paint, so a great watercolour set with plenty of colours to choose from is the ideal gift for any child, particularly one with a flair for all things artistic. Buy a decent quality palette with a brush set and watercolour paper and let your little one go wild with the colours.

A beautiful journal: Creative kids need an outlet for their thoughts, so get them a unique journal all of their own where they can write freely. This is a perfect gift for older kids or teenagers who love to write poems and express themselves. Pick a journal with a lock so they know that this will be a truly private space for them.