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There are plenty of casual teaching positions available, especially in cities like Sydney, but the hiring process can be very particular. Schools, in general, look for relief teachers the institutions can rely on. Casual teachers often fill positions when the permanent teacher is sick or unavailable for unplanned reasons. Because it’s difficult to know these things in advance, schools look for casual teachers whom they know will be available. Then again, some schools use casual teaching positions as a recruitment pool to find the next generation of permanent teachers. So the need to get your foot in the door is high. With that in mind, keep the following tips in mind when applying for casual teaching positions:

Read All the Requirements of the Advertisement

When you apply for those ads calling for Melbourne relief teachers, always read the fine print of the ad. Don’t miss any vital details that may make you seem absentminded to the interviewer. Read the list of qualifications and requirements, which is often posted with longer ads that people miss. How specifically you tailor your responses to vacancy calls will determine whether you get hired or not. Don’t gloss over the facts even for a temporary job like relief teaching.

Write a Great Cover Letter

The cover letter plays an important role in getting you hired for a job. Keep in mind that it’s the cover letter a potential employer first sees of your application. Therefore, it must be really good. You will have to spend considerable time perfecting the cover letter for your teaching position. It should be concise, but at the same time must relay important information about your skills and qualifications for the job. Don’t repeat anything an employer can learn from the CV or other documents provided. Think of the cover letter as a sales pitch for yourself. Market yourself with just a sprinkle of details that compel a potential employer to look at your CV as well. The cover letter must be impressionable. If you are unfamiliar with writing cover letters, seek help and learn the art.

Tweak Your CV for the Position Advertised

While you should keep a generic CV around, don’t send the same CV to every job. You might want to elaborate on some skills for one position, but not for another. So, if necessary, don’t hesitate to tweak the CV to include everything that a new employer is looking for. Customise it to match the expectations of the vacancy.

Include Recommendations

You can provide supplemental documents with your application to recruitment agencies or potential employers. Recommendation letters are the best types of supplements to include with an application. Recommendations can boost your application, even if you are trying to get hired with zero experience. Potential employers will listen to the words of a former employer over yours. Recommendation letters are highly helpful when you apply for in-demand casual teacher vacancies.

Time Your Response Well

Unlike permanent teachers, casual teachers are needed year around. Schools do not have a hiring period for casual teachers like permanent ones. This means that some employers might even hold onto your application until a job opening comes around. That is only if they see your letter. It’s recommended to send your casual position application during less busy seasons when senior management at schools are most likely to see it.

Follow the above suggestions, and you will be able to get hired in no time.