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If you are one of those people who’d rather watch stream a TV show than go out and run, then you might need an extra push to motivate yourself to exercise regularly. Let’s face it: you cannot afford not to exercise, especially if you spend most of your day in front of a computer. There can be many reasons why people don’t want to jump at the chance to go to the gym. Some are self conscious, and others are too intimidated. Whatever the reason is, try one of the following tips to get yourself motivated to exercise:

Buy Well Fitting Workout Clothes

The main reason many people work out is to look good. If you are currently out of shape, you might feel a bit self conscious about showing up at a gym where everyone is looking good in their workout gear. Also, you may feel uncomfortable exercising in casual tees and shorts. To kill two birds in one stone, invest in good activewear that make you feel more comfortable and also makes you look good. When you have the perfectly fitting, activity appropriate clothes, you won’t feel as intimidated when going to the gym. Plus, you can work out without worrying about things like chafing. And you won’t have to wait until the end of your exercise routine to take cool Instagram snaps.

Make Music Playlists that Get Your Heart Pounding

Exercise is far less boring with a great playlist. Music can get your heart pounding, and get you physically ready for the treadmill or the triceps curler. So, spend some time making workout playlists that get your blood rushing. And don’t play the same tracks over and over either. Change the playlists once in a while so your workouts don’t feel routine and boring.

Hang Out with People Who Exercise

The people you surround yourself with can have a profound impact on your lifestyle. If you are currently a lazy sedentary person, start handing out with people who are workout junkies. They will definitely talk about going to the gym, and you will want to go to the gym too. Peer pressure can work. Also, they might be able to personally motivate you or encourage you to start a regular exercise program. You might even be able to get help in starting a workout program.

Sign Up for Group Workouts

Don’t like exercising alone? Then sign up for group workouts with other people just like you. When you are in the group, you will be naturally inclined to go with the flow state working out. This strategy works for most people.

Start with Short Sessions

If you are putting off going to the gym because it takes too much time, then you are procrastinating. If you don’t want to sweat for the standard thirty minutes, start with shorter sessions. Even 5 minutes of exercising each day is better than doing no exercise.

You can also try rewarding yourself after each workout session. Avoid the traditional food rewards, and go for something else, like allowing yourself to watch more TV, or buying something that you like. You can also buy yourself delicious treats as long as these are healthy and won’t completely eliminate the positive results of your workout.