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Having a backyard pool in your home can provide for a number of fun family moments. Pools are great for parties, relaxing after a hard day at work, and for exercising and staying fit. However, swimming pools are also a bit difficult to maintain. You will need to routinely clean it, and make sure the water pipes and everything else is working in order. Swimming pools are normally kept open without covering the water. But this can increase the costs of maintenance. Read below to learn more about why you should cover up your swimming pool:

Keep Children and Animals from Falling in

The main reason you should cover your backyard pool is safety. If you have small children running around the house, a pool cover is a necessary safety measure. Toddlers can easily fall in when you are not looking. And pets are not an exception. Puppies and kittens could accidentally fall into the water, and unlike adult animals, might not be able to swim and climb out. Even if you don’t have pets or kids, it’s best to cover the pool if the neighbours have them. Also, when if you host guests and they bring their children, having the pool covered when not in need is better for everyone’s safety.

Swim in Private

Some pool covers only cover the water. There are also pool enclosures Sydney that you can buy to keep the water covered. Enclosures, unlike mere covers, leave some room for a person to swim. If you live in a crowded neighbourhood and don’t want to risk peeping toms, a pool enclosure would be a great option. Enclosures can also keep kids and pets out. You can swim even when it’s raining or snowing with an enclosure.

Prevent Debris from Polluting the Water

One of the biggest cleaning annoyances of having a pool is cleaning up leaves and other debris that fall onto the water. You may have to do this every day to keep your pool clean. A pool cover will prevent anything falling on to the water. You can easily sweep or vacuum the cover, instead of spending a lot of time removing the debris from the water.

Prevent Pets from Soiling the Water

It can be hard to keep the pool water clean if you live in an area with many animals. Pets can sometimes urinate in the pool. Even if your pets are well trained, wild animals or neighbourhood pets can show up and dirty the water. Having a pool cover will ensure that the water you swim in is free of unwanted elements.

Increase Walkable Ground When Needed

Not all pool covers are tarp. You can buy hard pool covers that slide over the pool area. Once closed, the pool cover acts like solid ground. The pool can take nearly all of the space in the backyard. You can dramatically increase the walkable area in your backyard with a pool cover like this. If your yard is small, this can be incredibly useful. Most people don’t use the pool every day, so this can even be an essential addition to the house It definitely is space efficient.

Pool covers offer many benefits to homes, especially ones with small gardens. So don’t hesitate to purchase one.