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Psychological disorders are becoming dangerously widespread among the world’s population today. From adults to adolescents to young children, statistics show that a majority of them all is being found to have mental disorders. Those with severe types may be subjected to prolonged treatment and suffering, while those who are lucky enough to get diagnosed at an early stage may have chances of getting back to a certain extent of normalcy.  There may be several factors that contribute toward successful treatment. Age, gender, physical health, and the type of disorder are some of the major determinants of treatment possibilities, types, and duration.

It is so easy to get caught up in what we’re doing and what needs to be done, that we can forget to embrace just “being”. Take a moment now, right now, a long slow breath in then slowly out again, and just feel what it’s like to be you, in your body, in your thoughts. You are you. You are the not the situation you are in. You are separate from it. Are you content? Or do you need something? Support? Love? Nurturing? Encouragement? If we don’t see it, we can’t fix it, so take your honest breath now… then reach out if you need. I have plenty of online counselling session times still available over the next couple of weeks, so please contact me to request a session time if you would like some extra support. You don’t even have to leave your house 😊 #counselling #ecounselling #videocounselling #phonecounselling #onlinecounselling #mentalhealthsupport #mentalhealth #anxiety #depression #selfcare #mindfulness #mindfulbreathing #parenting #familytherapy #individualtherapy #couplescounselling #selfesteem #selfconcept #anger #balance #worklifebalance #wellbeing #stressmanagement

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Some mental disorders are highly complex and are sometimes linked with chemical activity within the brain. Disorders like schizophrenia, for instance, require prolonged medication regimens that work in order to suppress certain actions and reactions within the brain and body. This helps the patient stay calm and undisturbed, and reduces many of the symptoms associated with the disorder. Most mental conditions that are rooted in stress and depression also require a certain amount of medication that, again, contributes to achieving calmness and a balanced state of mind. Hence, medication is not an option, but a requirement, that is sometimes, and sadly, the only type of solution to some of the major cases.



Medical treatment, however, isn’t always the only solution. In most of the cases, therapy becomes an essential part of the treatment process and needs to be applied at any given point, depending on the condition. If it is a case of mild stress or depression, therapy alone can be used to bring the patient out of it, if identified at an early stage. Stress and depression are mostly connected to and caused by unstable thoughts, confusion, and pressure. Being able to handle them and have better control over your mind would increase your chances of conquering such conditions, and that is exactly what depression counsellors are likely to help you with. Even in more severe cases like schizophrenia or so, therapy becomes important at a point when the patient is mentally ready for it, which could possibly be at the beginning, the middle, or the latter part of the treatment process. Medication and therapy need to go hand in hand in order to achieve enhanced and effective results in the treatment process. As previously mentioned, there could be times when therapy could be used alone without medication. But, there’s hardly a case where it could work the other way around.

Treating psychological illnesses is a job that requires huge levels of expertise, patience, people skills, and, of course, compassion and love. Qualifying in all these areas is mandatory to become eligible to carry out a major role like this. It can be extremely challenging, sometimes difficult, and something that not everyone can do. If chosen as a career, it could be highly rewarding and beneficial for one’s own self, too. After all, it is all about giving hope, a vision, motivation, positivity, and life to those who once thought these aspects out of reach or impossible to attain.