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There comes a point in every woman’s life where she suddenly realises that all of her friends are having babies, and she’s flooded with invitations to baby showers and a whole host of social engagements that she’s never encountered before. If you haven’t had children yet yourself, it can be tough to know what to bring along to the baby shower. You want to show your friend how much you love her and how excited you are for her big news, but you don’t want to come along with something trite and boring or completely useless. Don’t fret – this list will give you plenty of gift ideas to work with.


    1. A personalised treasure: If your friend has already chosen the name for their little bun in the oven, you have a whole world of fun personalised gift options to choose from. A personalised gift is always going to be more special than something you grabbed from the mall. You can buy personalised baby blankets australia that sew the baby’s name into a beautiful soft blanket that your friend can bring along for their baby’s arrival, or a keepsake toy or photo frame with the baby’s name inscribed.

    1. A hamper of necessities: Let’s face it, for many mums-to-be, they’d rather have a never-ending stock of those newborn essentials than another toy. Put together a hamper of newborn necessities, including nappies, baby wipes, babygrows, bottles, baby Panadol, and a few dummies for good measure. They may not be the most glamorous gifts, but they’ll probably end up being the most useful once the baby finally arrives.


    1. Pampering gifts for mum: Sometimes, everyone focuses on gifts for the baby and your poor pregnant friend is left with no presents at all. Consider getting your friend something special to pamper her in these last months of pregnancy. A voucher to use at a local day spa is a great idea, especially if they offer pregnancy massages and a long, relaxing foot rub. You could also consider stretch mark cream and lotions, a nice box of luxury chocolates, or a bubble bath and candle set.

    1. Books: Books can be a huge help to new mums, whether they’re aimed at the parents or the babies. Sneakily find a way to ask your friend which baby books she already owns (or take a quick peek at her bookshelf), then buy a few that she might find useful. You’ll find plenty of review sites online listing the best parenting and baby care books. You could also buy a few baby classics for her to read to her little one.


  1. Gift vouchers: Gift vouchers may not be super-personal but they can be extremely useful. You could get your friend gift vouchers to the local mum-and-baby stores so she can choose what she really needs for the baby, or a gift card to a children’s clothing store to go shopping together for some cute outfits. Another great idea is to bring along gift cards for local restaurants that she can use to order food from once the newborn stage begins and she has no time to cook. It may not seem like much at the moment, but it could be a lifesaver on one of those long colicky nights in.