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Thanks to the internet and the advancement of technology in recent years, you now have much more choice when it comes to getting a store online. You no longer have to pay copious amounts of money for custom solutions; nor do you have to spend weeks on end ripping your hair out and building one yourself. You can now get a store online within minutes and for a fixed monthly fee. It doesn’t take much time and effort at all to get your own store online, and here’s how it can be done.


Think of a Strategy

This is probably the most time-consuming part of getting an ecommerce store online. You need to think about a name, the products you’re going to sell, and who you’re going to sell them to. Do some research before you go ahead and create an online store, otherwise, it could prove to be a waste of time and money. This is a good time to think of a domain name for your store for when you create it as well, so make sure you spend some time brainstorming and seeing what your competitors have come up with.

Use Shopify to Manage Your Store

Shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms on the planet, and it’s for good reason. Not only do you benefit from a low-cost monthly fee to keep your online store running, but you’ll also have access to hundreds of features and resources to ensure your online store has a chance of succeeding. The best way of getting a store online quickly is to sign up for a Shopify account. It literally takes seconds and from there you’ll be able to get your store online with little to no hassle.

Edit Store Settings

Once you’ve registered for an account with the popular ecommerce platform and you’re happy to proceed to create an online store, simply go to the website management section within your Shopify account and fill out all the necessary details. From here you’ll be able to manage your product inventory, upload pictures, sort out prices, and much more. This is the backbone of your online store, so it’s crucial you spend a bit of extra time getting the details right. What’s great about this section, however, is that you can always come back at a later time to make any changes desired. You can set up your domain from this section and choose a payment processor to handle customer payments.

Add Your Products, Customise, and Activate

Once you’ve filled out the above details, you’ll at least want to add a few products, so your customers have something to purchase. The chances are you’re going to be tweaking the store for weeks until you know you’ve got it right, but that doesn’t mean you should add some products now and more later. You’ll also want to spend some time going through some of the many Shopify themes. This is a crucial step and, if you don’t pick the right theme, you could end up missing out on customers. Choose something that’s related to your niche, easy on the eyes, and looks professional. Next, simply activate your site and you have a store online.

In conclusion, it doesn’t take much time and effort at all to get a professional looking store online. You may not have thousands to spend on a new website, but you can still yield similar results to those of the bigger businesses, even with a cheaper solution online.