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Some mums decide to stay home with the kids, but that extra income is sorely needed, so they set up a business they can run from home. Usually, it’s a matter of being able to work around the kids’ schedules, but once that is ironed out, it allows mum to be at home minding the kids while helping to keep the bills paid, food on the table, and allow a bit of extra for those little treats kids rely on so much.

Did you ever stop to think about the insurance you might need when running a business from home in Australia? Remember, a business is a business, and you will need to carry the insurance that the government has mandated every business should have. However, family health insurance may be something you hadn’t considered because of Medicare. Here are a few reasons why you may wish to consider family health insurance for yourself and anyone working for you.

Healthy Workers Take Little Time Off

The one thing you should understand from the very beginning is that Medicare may not cover all the services you need for your family. Although you aren’t required to purchase family health insurance when running a business from home, it’s a good cover to have. Consider for a moment that in Australia the only services this type of cover can provide for are those not covered under Medicare.

What about if you need a physical therapist or a chiropractor, for example. Does Medicare cover those? Whether the insurance is for your family or the families of any employees you might hire, it’s good to get the best possible cover to ensure minimal disruption from work. Healthy workers take little time off!

A Perk to Attract Talent to Your Small Start-up

If you offer a family health insurance plan for your workers above and beyond the government Medicare program, you’ll be in a position to attract the top talent to your small home start-up. While large corporations can offer benefits packages to attract key players, you probably don’t have the financial wherewithal to do this.

Instead, you can give them something they may really be interested in. Other mums like yourself may be interested in jobs they can do around their children’s schedules and so a family health insurance plan may be all the enticement they need. They are mums just like you and they want to ensure the very best of care for their kids. This is one group policy you may be able to provide that will entice them to take a chance working for your fledgling home start-up.

Health Is a Constant Struggle

No matter how healthy your or your employees may be, good health is a constant struggle. One of the main issues most workers in Australia have is getting the services they need under Medicare. With a growing concern that the government will cut services even further, family health insurance is a definite plus. Take the time to check out options in cover and you will see that health concerns may be significantly reduced. Why lose time to illness when there’s cover to get you the treatment you need? That’s really why you need family health insurance to keep you and your company strong and healthy!