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Legend caravans are known for reliability, great design, and superior quality. All Legend caravans are 100% Australian made, with the best materials and technology. So, it’s little wonder they’ve become so popular among serious caravanners. In short, Legend vans are built for Aussie conditions, and that’s why people trust the brand. So, while we won’t go into all the specs, here’s the basics you need to know about some of the most popular models of Legend caravans.



The Tycoon is the jewel in Legend’s crown, and their top of the range caravan. This 23’ caravan is built for luxury, opulence and strength, with all the modern features to travel in absolute style. The Tycoon is nice and roomy inside, but wait until you see the slider on both the bed and lounge. It’s a great feature that gives you even more space inside. The Tycoon is the new standard in affordable touring caravans.


Do you want a full off road caravan that’s built tough but doesn’t compromise on comfort? The Groundbreaker is perfect for you. With a hot dipped galvanised chassis, twin shock suspension and 6” A frame support, you’ll be off the beaten track in no time. You can get floor plans from 17.6’ to 24’ depending on your needs, and the modern styling inside has everything you need to caravan like royalty!



The Kickback is one of Legend’s most popular off road caravans, because it has the best of everything at an affordable price. It’s purpose-built for off road travel, and has all the modern comforts inside that you need. The Supagal chassis and 6” extended A frame make this one an off road beast, capable of handling all kinds of conditions. You can even choose a size you want, with floorplans from 13’ to 22.6’.



An off road caravan with modern appliances, luxurious interior, and great off-grid capability? Yep, it’s all here in the Legend Trackline. With its tough aluminium frame and walls to its twin solar panels and batteries, this van does it all. In fact, it won Caravan World’s Van of the Year in 2018, which is no easy feat to achieve. There’s plenty to love about the Trackline.


Wild Native

When you want to go touring in style, look no further than the Wild Native. The Wild Native is still built touch, but it’s badged as a touring van. Featuring Legend’s customary machine riveted aluminium frame, it can definitely stand up to some tough conditions without being a full off-road van. Everywhere you look there’s quality, from the chassis to the interior, and it also features a modern style to appeal to all caravanners.

Legend Caravans are tough, reliable, and most importantly affordable. Whether you want the full off road experience or prefer the caravan parks, there’s great options for everybody. Legend prides itself on quality manufacturing, parts and design. That much is evident when you check out any of these great models, and they’re all available and waiting for you at your local Legend dealer!