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What to Do When Building a Pergola

If you have decided to build a pergola in your backyard, you have made an excellent decision. This new feature will not only make your home space more beautiful, but it will also help you to appreciate and admire nature. In order to experience these advantages, you need to make […]

Buesiness Tips, Online Security

Online Shopping Safe Items to Buy

There are many articles and photo collections online to show the naïve shopper that online shopping isn’t as great as we think it is. There are so many horror stories of young girls looking online for the perfect prom dress, finding it, ordering it and then when it arrives, and […]

Social Media

How to Market on Social Media Like a Global Brand

 Want to market like a pro? Curious how the big brands market flawlessly? Get your own powerhouse social media strategy in motion complete with a checklist. I’m super excited to partner with Sprout Social on a free webinar on August 2nd at 3 pm ET. Of course, you’re invited! RSVP here. In this webinar, we’ll […]

Money, Work from Home

Money Making Sewing Skills

You might think that ready-made garments and all those department stores have put seamstresses out of work. Not so. Anyone with good sewing skills can easily find work anywhere in the world. From the humble village tailor to a couture designer, sewing skills are in demand everywhere, especially as it’s […]


Your 2017 Clothing Must-Haves for Music Festivals

Image Source: A music festival is the perfect occasion to unveil your inner bohemian. You can be sure that every music-loving trendsetter will be there so you have to look your best. To help you pack, we have compiled five clothing must-haves for this season. Embroidered Bell-Sleeve Top Bell-sleeve […]


Four Great Reasons to Purchase Hair Extensions

All women love and cherish their hair. As a woman, you will consider it to be your priced possession since it contributes a great deal to your beauty. Unfortunately not all women are lucky enough to hair long, gorgeous hair. However, in 2017 this shouldn’t be a problem considering that […]

Buesiness Tips

Choosing the Perfect Telephone System for a Business

Any form of business, whether big or small requires a method to communicate within itself and anyone else that is on the outside of their business environment. This can be achieved through the innovative technological system known as a ‘telephone System’. It allows you to run your business in a […]