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Where you work is where you spend a significant portion of your week. As a result, you’re going to need it to be an environment that is conducive to your wellbeing and your productivity. A lot of issues such as stress in the workplace can be alleviated by a few simple measures you can take to liven up your office.


Is your workspace cluttered and chaotic? This might be a rather accurate reflection of your mind. It might be that your messy mind makes for a messy desk, but it may also be the other way around. Try doing a bit of spring cleaning and get organized. Designate drawer space and desk space for every item you need, and throw out any junk you come across. Anything of sentimental value can have its own spot on your desk, but too many of these items mean you should probably leave some at home. When you use something, make sure you put it back where it came from, and you’ll avoid half the mess. A clean and clear desk allows a clean and clear head.


Do you have enough light? Is the workspace too noisy? Are you feeling chilly or warm? All these things can significantly affect your output and comfort.Some people work well with soft music in the background, but some find it distracting. If you’re sharing your workspace with others, this may be an issue. There are always noise cancelling headphones if you need them. Make sure you have adequate lighting, which will help you feel alert and avoid stressing your eyes. Most offices have venetian blinds, which you can adjust to let in more or less light as you need. Or you can keep a desk lamp with a bright (energy-saving) bulb to enhance your workspace. If it’s too cold, keep a jacket with you to warm up when needed. Opt for lighter clothing if it’s warm. Have a couple of indoor plants around to liven up the place and add a bit of colour. There are plants that actually help purify the air you’re breathing!


What is your relationship like with your other workmates? Research shows that it’s always best to have good communication among colleagues. This ensures that everyone is in good spirits and more in sync with one another. When the people around you are pleasant and you can see them working hard, it can be quite the positive influence. With a little effort, you can be as positive an influence on those around you too. Manage conflict with objectivity and calm, and try to find a middle ground. Wait to hear the other person out before speaking – this act alone can be calming for an upset individual.

It does not take much to make your work environment more conducive to a happy and healthy lifestyle, as well as to improve your productivity. Making sure that these basic needs are met will be beneficial for you and those around you, and making those initial changes is easy. All you really need to do is keep at it – consistency is the key.