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When you think about systems that manage and ease your point of sales experience, you may not give it much priority on your list. It isn’t the most obviously beneficial tool for any business after all. The truth is that not a lot of managers even know about the many benefits of the system or the many different functions that it can have. Not implementing a system like this when you have the opportunity to do it can lead to a lot of consequences for your business. In a lot of cases where this system has been implemented, there is evidence of the business becoming more profitable, especially when the staff has been trained in the use of it.

Transparency of Inventory Is Gained

When you, as a manager, direct the employees in your business to log every single item in your store into the POS system, you are going to have a very clear account of all the inventory in your store at any given time. Of course, there are ways in which products can still go missing due to careless mistakes, damage or even theft. The use of this type of system will still allow you to have a transparent inventory record, or as close to one as can be had. Some stores are not going to be viable for this type of benefit due to the way in which the business is operated and the value of the products in the business, but most high-end retail outlets are prime candidates for this type of system.

Clean Up Your Pay Screens

The default software on one of these systems comes with options for every type of business. The chances are that some of the payment options shown on the software aren’t going to be used by the checkout points in your store. For example, if you don’t accept American Express credit cards, having this option available on the pay screen is going to be useless. It can also cause a lot of delays in the checkout lines of the business. This is because a customer might present an unaccepted type of payment method, and the employee at the register might see the option on the software and use it. This can lead to a massive holdup at that line while the problem is dealt with. Make sure that the screen only shows the actual available options and nothing more.

Theft is one of the main causes of product inventory going awry. There are many failsafe methods built right into the systems. This is more to prevent the theft of cash from the register. You can use the system to limit the transactions that are performed at the register. For example, one of the easiest way to take cash out of a register is to void a payment. This leads to the register opening but the system registering it as a No Sale. These can be prevented, or can be limited so that they can only be done with the manager granting access to that feature. This can lead to a huge drop in the amount of employee thefts from the petty cash.