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August in Australia is a great time to enjoy some mild weather and get ready for the hotter months ahead. The holiday season is still months ahead, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do. Here are several wonderful things you can do in August in Australia:

Plan a Summer Vacation

The summer will come around November and it’s going to be quite busy. People will be preparing for Christmas and tourists will be flocking into enjoy a non-white Christmas. If you want to go on a summer vacation, start planning early in August. If you book accommodation now, you will not have to pay sky-high premiums usually associated with the holiday season. You will also be able to actually get the accommodation options you want. There will be plenty of time to plan in leisure so all you have to do when the holidays roll around is to pack and leave.

Buy Australia Open Tickets

The super popular Australia Open tennis tournament happens early in the year. But if you ever hope to see a match with your own eyes, you need to start buying tickets now. Aus Open tickets traditionally become available in August. Nab yours now before the tickets become rare. The tickets are made available about half a year in advance because the tournament is so popular, tickets sell really fast. You will very likely not find any in December so grab yours in August.

Go on the Wilpena Pound Hike

Flinders Ranges is a must-visit during August. The best thing to do here this month is to take the Wilpena Pound hike. Temperature is wonderfully mild in August, so you can enjoy the scenery without any heat-related discomfort. The hike is truly spectacular and showcases the best scenery of the famous southern Outback.

Take the Pichi Richi Train

August is a wonderful month to enjoy the southern Australian Outback. Temperatures are still mild, so walks or hiked won’t burn your skin off. One of the best features of the SA Outback is the Pichi Richi railway, which snakes through the scenic Pichi Richi Pass that goes through the lovely Flinders Ranges. Train rides are available from March to November, and August is a great time to go because there’s less of a crowd. You can take the Australian Ghan train ride from Adelaide to Darwin, which is actually one of the best train rides on the continent.

Chilax on the Fraser Island

Just off the coast of Queensland is Fraser Island, the world’s biggest sand isle. There’s no better time than August to enjoy the pearly white sand beaches here. While Fraser Island enjoys the sun for almost all months of the year, in August air temperature rarely goes above a comfortable 27 Celsius degrees. Also, the time is breezy, so you can enjoy the sun and the cooling ocean breeze. There is no uncomfortable humidity that Fraser has during the hotter months of the summer. When on the island, don’t forget to visit Lake Mackenzie, take a dip at the Champagne pools, and trek through the Central Station Rainforest.

Don’t let August go to waste. Try one of the above and enjoy the month to its fullest.