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You might think that ready-made garments and all those department stores have put seamstresses out of work. Not so. Anyone with good sewing skills can easily find work anywhere in the world. From the humble village tailor to a couture designer, sewing skills are in demand everywhere, especially as it’s a dying art. If you are still in your tender years and not ready to apply for a job, here are some ways that your sewing machine can earn you money.

Razzle Dazzle

One of the main reasons why we need tailors is because we need them to custom make certain clothes for us. The best way to start is to mention to a friend who is interested in dancing or acting that you can do their costuming for a lot less than other professional places. Then, do your research; look for patterns and ideas online for any dance costumes Australia and then present your design to your friend. Word of mouth can make for powerful advertising. Once word gets around that you can satisfy their needs for a lot less than a professional tailor, the work will roll in.


Not all clothes that you buy in shops fit perfectly. This is especially true now that many people purchase their clothes online. There are enough photos online to show that buying clothes online can be a bit risky. Set up an ‘adjustment’ desk and advertise by posting a few notices on school public noticeboards and also on your social media. Be honest about what you can and can’t do; some internet fails are disasters that cannot be fixed. But if you can build up a reputation as a clothes fixer, you will have a never ending stream of people bringing your work.

Custom Work

This is a special area and you should only venture into it if you absolutely want to. You can try copying clothes from designer brands that appear on the fashion magazines. The clothes won’t always appear exactly like they look on the glossy pages (unless you have the patterns) but if you can approximate the look, you can hook all the little fashionistas around you. Remember that a custom dress or suit takes time to cut and stitch together, and that it requires an unhurried pace. So do not take more than a couple of projects a month, if not less. That way you can focus on it when you have the time to do so and you won’t make any mistakes doing it.