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Washing your car and keeping it clean on the outside is not enough; it is necessary to look into the main components of the car and to check if every component is functioning properly to guarantee a long-lasting automobile life, and to do so it is vital to have good knowledge on vehicle repairing and maintenance. Here are a few main things you need to pay attention to ensure a long lasting car life.


Radiation and Cooling System Repairing

There are many ways to identify that you have a problem with your radiator and cooling system; it is evident that you have a problem when the temperature warning light is glowing red on the dashboard or if steam is pouring from under the hood. This means there’s an overheating issue, the best action to take when this occurs is to shut down the engine as it can lead to parts of the engine being severely damaged.

This occurs when you neglect to replace the cooling system, it is necessary to replace the engine coolant also known as anti-freeze, as it helps pull the heat from your engine and then dissipates the heat as it passes through the radiator. The coolant has many other functions one of them being, lubrication for the water pump seal. Therefore it is necessary to regularly check up on your radiator and cooling system.



Signs that you have something wrong with your brakes, hearing high-pitched screeching sound, this is caused by a small metal shim, called an indicator, which causes the warning sound, if and when you hear this sound, it means that you need to replace your breaks as soon as possible.

A squeal may also occur right after your car has been exposed to rain or even after washing it, this is completely normal as it occurs due to the moisture causing a layer of rust to develop, therefore when you press the breaks it will squeal till the rust is worn off.



Transmission repair costs can be quite high; when it comes to transmission there are a lot of components that can go wrong, if you notice any small issue in the car, it is important to get it checked as quickly as possible because it can develop into something big and lead your transmission to fail.

 It is important to keep making sure that there is enough transmission fluid as it helps keep your transmission lubricated which will prevent any major damages from occurring. A method of making sure your transmission fluid is of high quality, all you need to do is get a bit of it on to your hand and rub your fingers together, if it smells burnt then it is time to change it, but if it is clear and pinkish then you have nothing to worry about.

Transmission problems are not an easy thing to fix, therefore if you do have transmission problems then it is best to show it and get advice from a professional and for your luck, no matter what city you are in there is always a mechanic shop near by, be it an automatic transmission reconditioning Brisbane or Sydney.

It is necessary to treat your car with tremendous amount of care to expect a long and healthy life.