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Whether you are looking to hire a professional photographer for a wedding, graduation, birthday or office function, you would undoubtedly want someone who is not just competent, but skilled and with a natural ‘eye’ for photography. However, seeing as how there are so many options out there to choose from, one would be understandably confused about which direction they should head in. That said, in this day and age unearthing information is not a supremely difficult task, so perhaps familiarizing yourself with a few tips to bear in mind when on the hunt for the ideal photographer is a must.

Choose a Style

Different photographers work with different styles, so it depends on what you want. Not that you have to know what they are called specifically, you can just show them sample images you like and they would know what you need. For instance, would you like more quirky, creative photographs, or should they be more poised, traditional and well-balanced? Of course they can offer suggestions, but at the end of the day it is your call. It also depends on the type of event you are dealing with. A professional one would probably not be pleased with grunge style photographs! The right fit is critical.

Request for Whole Albums

You will want to see some of their work, but instead of browsing through separate pictures, ask for the entire album of an event. This allows you to see if they can handle an event from beginning to end. Say you are hunting for corporate photographers Melbourne, you could request for albums of official functions they have catered to. You will get to know their standard, and whether they would be right for your own corporate event.


Creativity is a top priority where photography is concerned. You are looking for someone who will not only be able to capture all the important moments but will able to do so in the most authentic of ways possible. That is what separates the exceptional photographers from the mediocre ones. You never have to look too hard for it either, which is the best thing. Talent simply jumps out at you, automatically commanding your attention. The 21st-century makes things so much easier, as you can also double-check that no work has been plagiarized so you will not be duped.


A photographer who is as inflexible as his camera is no good to deal with. They will only add to your stress, plus you can never have peace of mind that they are indeed getting what you want. So keep looking till you find someone who is flexible enough to work with you. Mind you nobody is going to cater to all sorts of ridiculous demands, but they will generally meet you as much as possible to the best of their ability. Photographers should also on that note, be able and willing to adapt to situations such as sudden rain in the middle of a wedding, for instance. Flexibility is everything.